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Hello! I’m Christianne Squires.

And lately, it seems like my whole life circles around light—what it means for us to be light and bring more light into the world.

I chose the phrase “exhibiting light” as a purpose statement for myself because I like its layered meaning.

Exhibiting is the opposite of inhibiting. I want to work against the instinct I often experience in myself to inhibit what’s bright and true about me. Perhaps you struggle with this dynamic too. But I’m here to shine light, and so are you.

Exhibiting also means putting something on display, like hanging artwork in a gallery, and I’m all about that—lifting up, showcasing, and celebrating the light being brought into this world by you and others. This brings me joy.

My Current Projects

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A community for those who want to bear light in the world in big and small ways. We open the doors for new members to join us every few months. Sign up here to join the wait list.

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An interview-style podcast that helps us see how ordinary people share the extraordinary shape of their light. What could be more inspiring? Sign up here to apply to be a guest on the show.

My company that helps contemplative leaders birth books that heal the world with light. Birth your book without losing your soul. Take the book pregnancy test here.