A Return to Writing

Writing books.jpg

It’s been two years since I wrote publicly on a blog, and today marks a return to personal writing on a blog so I can get myself writing more regularly again.

Because the truth is, I missed it.

I’ve written a lot in the last several years for my business, Bookwifery: more than 180 course lessons, countless Instagram posts, bimonthly notes to my newsletter list, weekly notes to the Bookwifery Collective authors I serve, and workbooks for the courses I teach.

I’ve exercised my creative muscles in other ways, too, through the podcast I produced last year, video and audio lessons I created for the courses, and live workshops I ran throughout this past year.

For quite a long time, I felt full up, creatively speaking, because of all this, and I was happy about it. Happy and proud.


But then this year, in January, as I approached my 40th birthday, I got to wondering what kind of year-long project I might like to do to mark this milestone year in my life. I loved the idea of choosing a project to tend all year, something creative that would celebrate the landmark nature of this birthday while keeping me creatively committed in a fun direction.

As I weighed the possibilities for this year-long project, I kept coming back to writing. I knew I wanted it to be a writing project. The challenge was, I couldn’t land on what kind of writing I wanted it to be.

That’s when I realized: I don’t know what kind of writer I am anymore.

It’s been so long since I’ve written for myself, for my own creative interests and the kind of words I want to be putting into the world, that I’ve lost sight of my writerly identity.

When I was in college and after I graduated, I wrote seriously and often. I worked on poetry projects, short stories, and long fiction projects for children and adults. But as I went deeper and deeper into my career as an editor, helping others form and fashion their words and ideas, I started losing touch with my own words and ideas.

Blogging became an outlet eventually.

In 2006, when I moved to Florida from California to marry my husband, Kirk, I started my first blog and used it to practice my writing while writing about my new life in a new place. I loved it for the way it kept me writing and for the way it brought many new friends into my life. Eventually, I started a second blog, and then a third. I just kept writing and writing, at first for personal expression and exploration and then for professional contribution in the area of spiritual formation.

When I went on sabbatical from my ministry work in 2016 for the purposes of deep soul care, I was also in the process of starting my business. Bookwifery took my primary focus from that point forward. While I started the sabbatical with the intention to write my way through it (and did, for a little while), eventually I stopped, unable to put into words all that was happening deep in my spirit while simultaneously tending to my new and quite encompassing business.

My spirit eventually grew in restoration (I’m so, so thankful for this), and that coincided with the flourishing creative season for Bookwifery I outlined above. Which brings us current to today, where I’m ready to start writing again, first by blogging again for the fun of it and second as a means to start exploring the kind of writing I’d like to do in this next decade of my life.

So I’ve started this blog, where I plan to write often about all kinds of things. I’ll write about things I’m thinking about, what’s coming up in prayer, how I’m growing in my formation, what I’m continuing to learn about my work, and who knows what else.

Also! I’ve decided on the topic for my “40 in 40” project, and it’s going to be a project that helps me discern my way into the more formal writing I’d like to do in this next decade of my life. I plan to chronicle that here, too, and have created a dedicated page where I’ll link to all the project-related posts as I write them.

Thanks for being here! I hope you find it refreshing and inspiring to connect in this new space with me.