Moving at the Speed of Human

In my world lately, I'm experiencing the reality of being human in a big way—moving at the speed one human can go.

When the new year dawned, it brought with it many invitations to new creative work and growth, some of them related to my business, Bookwifery, and some of them in addition to it, and in the past several months I’ve made slower progress on those projects and invitations than I’d like. I've had to reckon with the limits of time, energy, capacity, and attention I’ve had available for all these things. 

Because the truth is, there's only so much any one of us can do in a given day, week, and month. 

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And so when I find myself reckoning with those limits, I wonder: Can we give ourselves permission to move at the speed of human? Even more than that, can we forgive ourselves for being merely human? 

A couple months ago, in the span of a few days, I talked with a number of authors in the Bookwifery Collective who were facing real challenges. A root canal, a lost loved one, a health setback, a demanding job, limited resources—these were just a handful of things voiced within a few days’ time. 

This past week brought more of the same. Someone faces the challenges of working full-time while working on a book. Someone else finds herself blessed with more ideas than she can keep up with. Another person finds herself in a season of low energy. Someone else is tending to loved ones who are experiencing severe losses.

It’s common, these kinds of things coming up. Sometimes it’s the normal flow of life; sometimes it’s extraordinary circumstance.

They wonder all the time: Can there be room for working on a book and the realities of life? 

In my view, the answer must be yes—for them and for you, too, in whatever you’re holding.

The pulse and pace of modern life would hasten to tell you otherwise. It would say you must do this, you can't do that, you need to go here—and quickly, or you're going to miss out. It would tell you you're falling behind, you're messing up, you're losing out, you're doing it wrong, and you're going to blow your big chance if you don't dance the tightrope now—and perfectly.

Let yourself move at the speed of human, I say.

What's the cost otherwise—quick-dancing along a tightrope the rest of your days, always performing and trying not to fail or fall? Is that kind of existence really worth it? 

I believe any true invitation in your life makes room for its realities. It accommodates itself to your humanness. It fits into the flex and flow of what you can do. 

True invitations come from the Source who knows you, knows your capacity, and knows what your life includes. The invitation to do this or that new thing stands in accordance with, not in opposition to, those truths.

I celebrate this. It means we get to be who we are, no more and no less. And it means we get to live at the speed of human, because that’s what we actually are.

Everything else can go. Isn't that a relief?